Why should you select Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning?

It's good for you, it's good for your employees and customers, and it's good for the environment.

Homeowners and property managers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of modern living, and they are increasingly seeking out companies that share their commitment to preserving environmental resources. Up North Carpet Cleaning is committed to using sustainable business practices whenever possible, and all of our programs are designed to maximize carpet & textiles life cycles, conserve water, and eliminate wastewater.

There are times when less sustainable practices may be required to correct a specific problem or for restoration cleanings. We will not sacrifice the quality of our work and the efficacy of our products and services in the pursuit of sustainability. However, our experience has proven that, a professionally designed and implemented sustainability program can often postpone the need for such cleanings indefinitely.

According to the Environmental protection Agency (EPA), efficient water use can have major environmental, public health and economic benefits by improving water quality, maintaining aquatic ecosystems and protecting drinking water resources.

A hot water extraction or "steam" carpet cleaner consumes over a gallon of water per minute. A typical steam cleaner will use approximately 120 gallons of water to clean 1,000 sq. ft. of carpet. This means that every minute that cleaning is performed; a gallon of water will be removed from the water supply and a variety of cleaning chemicals and solvents will be introduced to the water during the cleaning process.

The water that's recovered from the carpet will therefore contain soil and contaminants from the carpet as well as a host of chemicals. This concoction of "black" water, which is often literally black, will then be discharged into the municipal sewage system as "spent" water. In other words at a rate of a gallon of water per minute, clean water is consumed, contaminated, and discharged as sewage.

With Up North Carpet Cleaning's low moisture system, only one gallon of water is used to clean 250 sq. ft. of carpet, rather than the 30 gallons that a steam cleaner would use. Using less water to clean your carpet also contributes to quicker drying times, this decreases the propagation of microbial activity or mold in the indoor environment. In other words, limiting the amount of moisture introduced is good for your health.

Sustainable practices are not only the right thing for the environment; they also make good business sense!